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 Welcome to our new  colorized pictures and "Photo Shop" Pictures. For Colorization of black & White pictures we used  BlackMagic By  NeuralTek and for photo shop we use Corel photo paint 12 and Wax2e ( Our preference for background swap is Wax2e for you can do film, photos and anything your mind can come up with.

This is a CD cover was done all in Corel Photo paint for a CD recordings for my mother who is in a nursing home. I recorded 15 tracks from the 50's when I was a kid to help her memory (old timers). The font (LostWages) I downloaded , select gold color then used  Plastic mode for the illusion of gold.

This one was Russell Crowe Gladiator poster. Using Corel 12 photo paint, I super imposed my face in semi transparent over his. Once I was lined up I took off transparency and pasted.   

This two pictures, Chaplin and Salomon, was done with Corel photo paint 12. Both were re-painted by using the picture image to make it look authentic.

Yoda me?  Yep, done in Corel! This time worked in grey. Found a drawing of Yoda, so, did a wrap in semi transparency  and using pencil mode fill is the rest.

The shoulder armor was smudge then airbrushed to maintained the metal look. Took the Puerto Rican flag and bend it over then used transparency mode to get it to look like its painted. Erased the Gladiator lettering and set my letter to gold color (the closes one I could find on the paint chart). Then used Plastic mode to give the illusion of Gold.

Your truly..I used Corel to erase everything but my face then used wax to super impose John Wayne and then finished up the details with Corel Photo Paint 


Another wax & Corel Job.. top & bottom Picture.  The bottom picture I did in my office.

The Picture on the left is 3 pictures combined! 1st did a picture of me then found a picture of an old vet (like myself) and with corel super imposed it. Then I copied the whole picture and pasted it on the memorial day poster and by adjusting transparency setting created the ghost effect.

The Picture below is one of the 1st ones I did! .... Sorry Cant tell How, with what and from where  i did it!

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